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FREE!  Story of the Month The Genius Genie

Amanda smiled at the Genie. This was the best dream ever, she thought as she snuggled deeper into the blankets on Saturday morning. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream. She felt pretty awake.

Forever Friends Book Series - This summer is going to be the best ever!  The FFC starts a business called Party Time.  Imagine a whole summer filled with birthday parties, games, jokes, surprises and magic tricks—and making money, too. The first 4 books are now available with more coming soon.

Fun Books - What do a pig, an elephant and a boyfriend have in common?  They are all part of these fun books that will make you laugh.

Adventure Books - Skeletons, buzzards, treasures and ghosts combine to make these books exciting reading.  Experience the thrill as these brave kids rise to the challenge.

World Ambassador Program - Check out the latest from the World Ambassador Program in Shanghai, China.


Cindy’s Workshop - resources for teachers for teaching writing, including a sample workshop.  www.cindysworkshop.com/cw

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