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The Great Boyfriend Disaster

Blake Franklin has been my best friend since kindergarten. But ever since the dance, something’s been different. I don’t know how to act around him anymore.  To really complicate things, now there’s a new girl in the picture, and she’s getting Blake’s’ undivided attention. All of a sudden—I’m jealous!  And I have this scary feeling I’m about to blow the best friendship I’ve ever had.

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The Great Boyfriend Disaster (fin).pdf

My Sister, the Pig, and Me

Sheri is excited about her latest pet sitting job—her neighbor’s miniature pot-bellied pig.  With her parents and sister distracted with wedding preparations, taking care of Pigsy Wigsy is just what she needs to keep her busy in the midst of the chaos.  Until the incident of the ice cream.  And then the problem with the veil.  What’s a poor pig to do when everyone is chasing him?


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My Sister, The Pig, And Me China.pdf

The Zoo Crew

You’ve probably seen Big Mike Michaels on TV.  He’s the director of Land and See, U.S. A., the neatest zoo theme park in the country.  Big Mike’s the crazy guy who’s always riding the elephants and wrestling the stuffed alligators for a laugh on the commercials. He even dresses up like a hairy old gorilla and runs around at shopping malls and schools!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have a guy like that for your dad? Well, I can tell you all about it—I’m Kate Michaels. And Big Mike is my dad!

Now I have to do a volunteer project for social studies class.  And wouldn’t you know it—the teacher assigned me to work at Land and Sea! I wonder if Dad will pay any attention to me now that I’m a member of the Zoo Crew.

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

The Zoo Crew rfp.pdf

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The Popularity Secret

For once, everything was going Janet’s way.  She was going to a new school, and the kids in the popular crowd wanted her for a friend.  But, what if they found out about her family and where she lived?  Could Janet keep that secret forever?

Caught in the Act

This was going to be the best year of my life—no doubt about it!  My very best friend Michelle and I had gotten scholarships to Fairfax Prep, this fantastic private school. And we were both starters on the soccer team.

But now Michelle’s acting differently.  Sometimes she’s up, sometimes she’s down, and sometimes she just seems out of it. She’s hungry all the time, and she has trouble paying attention in class. The worst is when she’s mean to me—her best buddy.

I just don’t know what’s wrong. I’d do anything to help her, but she acts like she doesn’t even want my help.  I want to trust her. But how long will it be before she’s caught in the act?

Hawaiian Summer

Hawaii was more than I, Gina Morgan, had ever imagined. The sun, the beach, the guys . . . even a job of my own. But tropical breezes and swaying palm trees couldn’t make things right when a silly bet threatened to mess up everything.  Time was running out, leaving me only to dream about my Hawaiian Summer.

Just Between Sisters

Michelle loves sports.  But trying out for the sports reporter job at school isn’t easy.  Every chance Michelle gets to interview handsome quarterback Steven Connely, he asks about Devon. Devon is Michelle’s older sister. She’s a cheerleader and practically Miss Popularity.  Michelle would do anything to have some of her traits, like good looks and a top personality. But right now the sisters have to deal with another problem. Their parents are thinking of getting a divorce.  Michelle wonders, seventh grade will get better, won’t it?

Project Makeover

Laura has liked Eric Jefferson for as long as she can remember.  He has deep blue eyes, sandy blond hair, and an irresistible smile.  She needs a foolproof plan to get his attention!  And, it arrives in the form of Tuyen Thanh Thai, a shy Vietnamese girl who is new to their school  Laura figures he would be really impressed if she makes Tuyen feel welcome.  If she works hard enough, she might even turn Tuyen into an American teenager.  It’s time to grab the makeup, scissors and music and start Project Makeover!