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The Forever Friends Club

This is a popular series for the teen reader first written in the early ’90’s.   The first 4 books are now available for free as ebooks on pads and phones.

#1 Let’s Be Friends Forever

Meet Linda Jean, Aimee, Joy and Krissy—the members of the Forever Friends Club.  This summer is going to be the best ever!  The FFC starts a business called Party Time.  Imagine a whole summer filled with birthday parties, games, jokes, surprises and magic tricks—and making money, too.  But when Linda Jean’s mom surprises her with the news that she and the stepfamily are moving back to Atlanta, it’s not such great news.  What if Linda Jean has to move in with them?  What about her dad?  What about the Forever Friends Club?

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

FFC _1 password.pdf

#2 Friends to the Rescue

Party Time is going to be on TV! Can you believe it?  But suddenly everything starts going wrong. Every time the TV crew comes to film one of their parties, it turns into a great big disaster!  To make matters worse, Krissy’s little sister Kitty, who is already a child star, wants to give them all acting lessons.  The Forever Friends Club doesn’t know how they’re going to survive being famous.  Without a miracle, it might be curtains for Party Time.

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

FFC #2 Friends To The Rescue password.pdf

#3 Keeping Secrets, Keeping Friends

Almost everything in Aimee’s life has been going really great.  Party Time, the business that she and her friends started is booming. School is fun.  She even helps out after school at the television station where her dad works.  The best part has been her new friendship with Graham.  But, lately Graham has been acting weird.  He keeps pushing jobs off on her that require reading.  Could it be that Graham can’t read?  Everyone can read. Can’t they?

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

FFC #3 Keeping Secrets, Keeping Friends password.pdf

#4 That’s What Friends are For

The FFC is putting on a birthday party for a famous movie star, and the girls are in New York City to plan the party.  Joy can’t wait to meet a real live performer, especially since her dream is to be a ballet dancer someday.  But Alissa doesn’t seem very happy.  Alissa’s mood becomes even gloomier when she finds out that she has to perform with the New York City Ballet Company.  She’s scared to perform and begging Joy to take her place.  Could this be Joy’s big chance? 

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

FFC #4 password.pdf

Available Soon!

#5  Friends Save the Day

To Linda Jean, animals have always been the best thing in the whole world.  She has a miniature zoo complete with turtles, bunnies, guinea pigs and birds.  But, not everyone likes her animals as much as she does.  Someone, and she doesn’t know who it is, has been throwing rocks into her backyard and hurting her animals.  To make things worse, an anonymous caller complained to Animal Control and she’s been warned—keep those animals quiet—or else!

Available soon!

#6 New Friend Blues

There’s a new girl on Honeybee Court.  She seems nice and the FFC members invited her to join the club—and to help them out with Party Time, their booming business.  Tish does imitations of famous cartoon characters and the kids love it—when she’s not totally angry at the world because her parents moved her to Atlanta.  How can Krissy help her new friend, and not seem as if she’s being disloyal to the club?

Available soon!

#7 More than Just a Friend

Aimee couldn’t wait!  What could be better than a fun-filled week in Mexico with her best friend, Krissy?  She imagined the two of them spending all of their time together shopping, sunning, and seeing the sights. But, boy was she wrong!  From the minute they got to Mexico, all Krissy cared about was boys.  And then she fell for Jim.  Aimee feels invisible when the two of them are together—and she feels especially bad because she’s sure the Jim is just a fake.  The whole trip is headed for disaster.

Available soon!

#8 Even Best Friends Say Goodbye

When Joy heard that her mom was asked to be the catering manager at Galactica, one of the neatest amusement parks anywhere, she couldn’t believe her ears!  Can you actually imagine living in an amusement park?  She was totally excited until—boom—reality hit! If her mom got the job, she’d have to leave Atlanta and the Forever Friends Club.  She knew this would be her mom’s big chance, but nothing was worth losing her best friends. So Joy came up with a plan—a plan to ruin her mom’s chances of working at Galactica.

Available soon!

#9 Friendship Fever

What is Tish supposed to think?  Her mom has just launched a new career as the hostess on Video Fever—a teen music and dance show that everyone is raving about.  Tish is pretty sure that the only reason Travis is trying so hard to be her friend is that he wants to audition for her mom’s show.  Does she even dare believe that he actually likes her, for her?  Travis is only one of her worries, however.  The biggest worry is how to keep her newly “cool” mom from trying to make her over—in her image!

Available soon!