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Cave of the Living Skeletons

It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime!  Fifteen year old Buzz Martin and his best friend Mark were going with Buzz’s dad to shoot some rapids in the Grand Canyon—rapids never before ridden by human beings.

Buzz knew that the swift waters held danger.  And he had heard the ancient legends of Indian curses, of ghosts and grisly skeletons. But Buzz didn’t know just how treacherous this trip would be until the mysterious disappearance of his father.

Now, it’s up to Buzz and Mark to face the unspeakable horrors of the canyon and its caverns, to survive the ancient Indian curse and escape from the . . . Cave of the Living Skeletons!

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Cave of the Living Skeletons (fin).pdf

Curse of Blood Swamp

I’ve lived on the edge of the Everglades my whole life.  I’d always thought it was a friendly place. But then I started to hear stories—horrible stories.  People talked about how there was a curse over the swamp. Something was making the alligators attack humans. And what about that man who got lost in the swamp for a week?  When they found him, he babbled on and on about someone called the Swamp Witch. People say he’s in an insane asylum now!

I decided I had to find out the truth. But once I was deep into the swamp, I discovered there was no way out! 

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

Cave of the Living Skeletons (fin).pdf

Danger Down Under

When 15-year-old Dusty Martin visits her Australian pen pal Mick, she expects to spend the summer tossing a boomerang, surfing and watching kangaroos jump around.  When Mick starts telling Dusty the ancient aborigine legends that her grandfather told her, Dusty isn’t sure what to think. Does Mick really believe in dreamtime, the songlines and all that other weird stuff? But when the girls’ plane crashes in the dreaded outback hundreds of miles from civilization, Dusty has to think again about the old legends. She can only hope that Mick’s knowledge of ancient ways will save them from thirst, starvation and a mysterious stalker when they come face to face with  . . . Danger Down Under!

Click below to download free pdf copy.  The password is cindy.

Danger Down Under (fin).pdf

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The Buzzard’s Treasure

Brian trembled with fear as he struggled to hold his father’s bleeding head above the filthy water.  The cave would be totally flooded in minutes. 

Brian and his family had come to the tiny island of Mahé looking for the Buzzards’ treasure.  They sure weren’t prepared for what they found.

Skulls all around wedged in rocks stared at Brian, his sister and their father. Those skulls seemed to scream silently: “We drowned just like you’re about to.  Give up and die!”

Ghosts at Four O’Clock

Rebecca has always felt comfortable in her grandparents’ house despite the rumors.  She hoped the one day the house would be hers. But now a greedy banker was threatening to take the house in exchange for overdue taxes. If only Rebecca could find the family jewels which disappeared on the night her grandparents died.