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About Cindy Savage

Cindy has received many awards for her books and community efforts, including the Y.W. C.A. Outstanding Woman Award for Arts and Humanities, and has been recognized numerous times in the Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. She has more than 35 years’ experience as a teacher, principal and administrator of schools in the U.S., South America and China.  In addition, she’s a writing expert with 40+ published novels for young people and 100+textbooks to her credit.  Her specialty is training students to write and speak with clarity, enthusiasm and style. She’s taught workshops worldwide, has published hundreds of articles on the subject, including a regular column for the Shanghai Student Post. Cindy currently trains teachers and students in the XuHui district in Shanghai China.  She’s been in China for four years and is currently developing and implementing the World Ambassador Program, a joint venture with BestWay International.  As a World Ambassador Teacher and trainer, Cindy teaches global awareness through a unique blend of stories, biographies of people making the world a better place, songs, games and art.  You can find out more at www.worldambassadorprogram.org/wap.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Cindy Savage has the perfect answer.  “I don’t plan to grow up!”

This youthful feeling comes across in Cindy’s books, over 100 to date, written for kids from a point of view that they can understand.  “Of course, I have help in that department,” Cindy says with a laugh.  “With six kids and eight grandchildren of my own, the adventure never stops.”  Cindy gets her ideas from events that have happened in her own life and things that are happening around her every day.  “It’s important to stay current,” she says.  “Kids don’t want to hear about the ‘good old days’. They want relevant, right-now stories that give them answers to today’s real problems.  And, if there’s a dab of humor, a touch of adventure, a little romance, so much the better.”  No, Cindy doesn’t want to grow up.  “I love writing for children and young adults. Their worlds are immediate and full of feeling.  They need authors who understand how tough and how exciting it is to grow up in a world that changes by the nanosecond.  I hope I’m one of those authors.”

Cindy’s Youth Wave books are inspired by themes from the Baha’i Faith and are available for free at http://www.9facets.org/9f.  Cindy was an editor (1993-97) of  Brilliant Star, the Baha’i Children’s magazine. For more information on the Baha’i Faith, please see www.bahai.org.

Contact Cindy at cksavage@yahoo.com